An eternal masquerade
Yet no shelter, yet no shade
-I know that no matter how thick their leaves might be, these trees cant shelter me anymore.  As its something more than just the blazing sun I want to get away from. Something deeper than the mere droplets of sweat which try to cool down my ever so blatantly burning blood gushing body. Burning in indisputable agony. I know its something more than just my seething skin, but how do you find refuge from things like that I wonder. If its something not alien to your body. How do you run away from something if you can’t discern it anymore. If it has its roots in confluence with your origins now. I think thats the tricky part. The part which messes us up. We end up thinking this is a part of us. This sadness. We accept it for a fact that this is a congenital trait, but is it?


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